The 28 sites featured here range from the SILLY to the RIDICULOUS to the ASININE. It's up to you to determine which are which. Enjoy.

( Latest site added September 2, 2001)

Abuse-A-Tron Click on this link over and over for an endless slurry of putdowns A comic archive of major proportions
AP News Liar Satire, humor and funny pictures to prove it
Bus Plunge A satirical humor site which takes on the responsibility of documenting bus accidents from around the globe
The Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator Hurl some abuse on somebody else
Beer Can Bob Stupid, funny and crazy pictures of Bob collected on a global scale
Book-A-Minute Classics Summarizes (with over-the-top succinctness) all of those books you were made to read in school
Britney Spear's Guide to Semiconductor Physics She's no rocket scientist, or is she? Test your ability to differentiate the 43rd President of the United States from a primate If the name doesn't get you, the humor inside will
Cross Circuit Janet Poppins has really gone to work on this site, producing a banner crop of humorous Flash animations
The Dark Side of the Scooby Doo Gang A quirky site that actually takes the time to create a parallel universe version of Scooby Doo. Don't ask me why.
The Darwin Awards Official Homepage You probably know about these
Dead People Server Is Potsy from Happy Days dead or what? You can probably find out here.
Diff'rent Strokes Online What choo talkin' about, Willis?
Disturbing Auctions This is one of those rare sites that qualifies as a "must see". Trust me on this one.

Ferengi Linguistics
Someone with an inordinate amount of time on his hands and a fixation on Deep Space Nine set forth to chronicle and analyze a fictitious language
God Hates Figs A new religion based on a fairly simple premise: God hates figs Humor Site Once you come, you'll never want to leave (according to the site's creator) Juvenile humor for adults
The Onion Excellent introduction to news parody for the uninitiated Online database archive of funny pictures, jokes, and links.
The Spam Haiku Archives Thousands and thousands of 5-7-5 syllable poems dedicated to the wonder meat
Total Obscurity's 3 Rules of Marketing It's all right there in black and white
The Unofficial Love Boat Home Page Return to the show that unmistakably defines Aaron Spelling's "creative genius" Arm yourself with trivial knowledge you can foist upon an unwitting bar companion
Vanilla Ice Revisited: Vanillarama If you are a true diehard fan of Vanilla Ice, then you need counseling. Otherwise, check out this site.
The World's Best Bubblewrap Homepage Satisfy the urge to pop here

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