Well, I suppose an explanation is in order. The way it works is I take 15 headlines for a given day from various news sources on the Internet, like CNN, the Chicago Tribune, Nando or Yahoo!. Then, exclusively through the addition of new words/letters (the parts all in capital letters), and the necessary punctuation, WHIRLED HEADLINES are born. Note that no words are removed from the original headlines, so I actually have to employ a modicum of brain power to the task to create something that a person might find reasonably humorous or insightful.
This site is listed prominently on the Open Directory, and the many search engines (AltaVista, Netscape, HotBot) which utilize its data, but word of mouth is even more important. So tell your friends and wake your neighbors. Let them know that a guy is working very hard out there to entertain the masses by taking pot shots at the media, foreign dictators and dishonest figureheads worldwide.

Here are some of the particulars about me and the site. If you have any burning unanswered questions, or you've found some funky links that don't go anywhere, feel free to drop me a line.

When were Justin's Whirled Headlines created?
The site and its content were inaugurated in February, 1999, but the smart ass tendencies of the author have been developing since the early 1970s.

Why pick on other countries?
Because them foreigners sure are funny.

Photo credit from the opening page
The photo used in the Whirled Headlines logo comes from the Yahoo! News photo collection, and was taken by Reuters photographer Jayanta Shaw.

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