Select Quayle Topics: The Environment

I have a very strong record on the Environment in the United States Senate.
-- Senator Dan Quayle during the VP debate, 10/5/88 (from NYT transcript, 10/6/88). On 10/7/88 the NYT reported that Dan Quayle's League of Conservation Voters rating was 20 out of 100.

Our future competativeness demands that true environmentalists and responsible leaders not allow the well-intentioned concerns of the American public to be manipulated and exploited as a means to re-establish unnecessary regulatory, economic and social controls.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle

I take my children hiking and fishing, walking in the woods, in the wilderness.
-- Senator Dan Quayle offering proof of his commitment to the environment during the VP debate, 10/5/88 (from NYT transcript, 10/6/88)

The National Academy of Sciences says that this level [40 MPG] is not even technically achievable.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle arguing against suggestions to raise fuel efficiency standards for American automobiles. But Richard A. Meserve, who served as the chairman of the academy's study on fuel efficiency, said that Mr. Quayle had misunderstood a report by the academy that had discussed whether cars that efficient would be attractive to American buyers. (New York Times, 8/29/92)

The [Democrats] talked about putting people first. Well, they put people first unless you happen to be a spotted owl or a giant garter snake or some other endangered species and then that seems to have priority. Obviously, you take the bald eagle and things of that sort, of course you're going to make sure that they are saved and that they can live and you're going to take every precaution that you can. But others -- we just need a little flexibility.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle defending his lambasting of Democrats on the Spotted Owl/ Endangered Species issue. (In an interview on Prime Time Live, August 10, 1992. Reported in the NY Times, August 12, 1992)

Our values are creating jobs in America.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle answering Chris Wallace's question: "[The Council on Competitiveness] has made it easier for businesses to exceed pollution levels, it has delayed regulations on aircraft noise, it has weakened regulations to make apartment buildings more accessible to wheelchairs. Are those your values?" (ABC's Prime Time Live, August 10, 1992)

How about if we say when it's wet, it's wet?
-- Vice President Dan Quayle when asked to define 'wetlands'. (from 'What a Waste it Is to Lose One's Mind' -- the Unauthorized Autobiography)