It's rural America. It's where I came from. We always refer to ourselves as real America. Rural America, real America, real, real, America.
-- Senator Dan Quayle, 10/20/88 (reported in Esquire, 8/92)

Let me tell you something. As we were walking around in the store, Marilyn and I were just really impressed by all the novelties and the different types of little things that you could get for Christmas. And all the people that would help you, they were dressed up in things that said 'I believe in Santa Claus'. And the only thing that I could think is that I believe in George Bush.
-- Senator Dan Quayle at a garden center and produce store in Baltimore (from the Los Angeles Times, Douglas Jehl, 11/6/88)

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle, to the American Samoans, whose capital Quayle pronounces `Pogo Pogo', 4/25/89 (reported in Esquire, 8/92)

It's a good Supreme Court. They're lawyers... they're judges... they're appointed for life.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle on being asked about the verdict in the Supreme Court ruling on the PA abortion law case. (Broadcast on ABC's 'Prime Time Live', August 10, 1992)

We will move forward, we will move upward, and yes, we will move onward.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle to a group of students at a Chicago school, 4/24/89 (reported in Esquire, 8/92)

I've heard people say that [I have a short attention span]. I don't feel I do, because when I'm interested in something I'll stay in focus as long as it is necessary... If you get off on something I'm not very interested in, it's very easy for me to block it out. It's easy for me to block things out.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle, 12-JAN-92

I was known as the chief grave robber of my state.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle