Justin's Whirled Headlines
OCTOBER 28, 1999
1999, Justin Thorne

Anti-Peronist claims victory in Argentina presidential election, EXECUTES OPPONENTS

Albright pushes for adherence to Sierra Leone peace deal, DRINKING OF BLOOD OF FRESHLY KILLED OX

Illinois governor on visit to Cuba attends Mass OF THE LIVING DEAD, tours Old Havana

Water, mud, HUNCHBACKED FREAKS and rain are constant companions of Mexico's flooding victims

Venezuelan president arrives in Madrid for two-day visit TO "HAUNTED HACIENDA"

Tainted milk likely killer of at least 28 Peruvian school children, MYSTERY MEAT LIKELY KILLER OF THOUSANDS

ZOMBIE/Chinese president JIANG ZEMIN arrives in France for state visit, FIENDISH PLOTTING

Serbia could let Montenegro go without bloodshed, officials indicate, BUT THAT WOULD TAKE THE SADISTIC PLEASURE OUT OF IT

Dutch doctors oppose right to die for 12 year-olds UNLESS THEY HAVE THE CHANCE TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THE CHILDREN FIRST

Iran rejects new dialogue with United States, IN FAVOR OF EERIE SILENCE

Jiang says China's population AND PENDING PACT WITH THE DEVIL his biggest problemS

Outspoken Hong Kong broadcasting chief to step down, ALLOW MINDLESS DRONE TO TAKE OVER

Lawrence Summers urges China's entry into World Trade Organization, BECAUSE HE IS PURE EVIL